Tips On Contacting Your Angels (2024)

Communicating With Angels Is Easier Than You May Think
Have you ever found yourself stopping right before you walk into the road only to have an unseen car rush by. Suddenly you know had you walked into the road you likely would have been hit by that car. Why, you might wonder, did I suddenly stop walking as if someone told me too?. Perhaps an angel was watching after you. I have heard it said that angels pass God’s grace to man, sometimes in ways that are as subtle as a thought that just pops into our heads out of nowhere. More than one person has reported being in emotional distress or in a difficult situation only to suddenly know that everything would be all right. Or, a solution miraculously appears when you are sure none was present before. So say that these inexplicable moments of peace, of being directed to the right answer or being protected by some unseen ‘friend’ can be attributed to angels.

Some have more profound experiences with angels like having a ‘hero’ appear out of nowhere who then disappears just as mysteriously. Joan Wester Anderson actual wrote several books documenting average people’s encounters with angels (In The Arms Of Angels being a favorite). Many have encountered angels in dreams who provide peace or messages. It really does not matter if you have had a profound experience with angels or not. Angels are near all of us, often offering direction, peace or sometimes active protection, at least that is true for those of us who believe in angels.

Angel spirituality is very popular because it transcends most religions, just as angels should. People from all over the world, in all walks of life, believe in angels. And, angels don’t seem to care what color your skin is, what language you speak or what gender you are. Over seven in ten Americans, five in ten Canadians, and three in ten Britons believe in the reality of angels. Not that angels care if you believe in them or not.

Doreen Virtue, noted for her courses, books on angels (and who also created the very popular angel cards has made it a profession to understand and help other connect with angels. However, not all of us have the time and money to engage in the full time pursuit of communicating and understanding angels, worthy as that may be. So, I’d like to suggest some ‘baby steps’ in helping you contact or connect with your angel, or guardian angel, if you prefer. Here are a few exercises you can do to get in touch with that spiritual side.

Write A Letter To Your Angel
I know what you are thinking, What kind of postage is that going to cost me?. And, yes, addressing such a letter can be tricky. What is important here is ‘intention’. A letter is a direct effort to communicate. Writing out thoughts can provide clarity about what help you need. I some cases, it is good way to examine your desires and needs and how honest you are being with yourself. Everyone needs a lift sometimes. Everyone needs help sometimes. And, Angels are about helping those who in genuine need.

Once you have completed your letter, read it over. Rewrite it if necessary. You might be surprise to find things working out in your favor as you writing to your angel. You might even add that you would like to know more about the angels around. It is a good idea to close your letter with a few things you are grateful for. Remember that the word ‘grateful’ is derived from the word ‘grace’. Once you complete your letter, put it in an envelope and keep it close to you for a few days.

In the days that follow, pay attention to how things are changing around you. Look for anything that appears that is an opportunity for you to help yourself. Sometimes angels want to show you that there is much you can do to help yourself. After a week or so, you can store your letter among your special, secret effects. You might find some special insights in the future when you re-read the letter. Others say to privately burn the letter and let the smoke carry the message to the Divine. Still others say to take the letter to a special place and leave it … some place special in nature, or a church yard, a sea shore. There is no need to sign your letter. Angels know who you are. Work out what feels best for you.

A letter to angels or to your guardian angel is a worthy effort to connect with the angels around you. It may seem a simple act, an act of faith, and that is why angels seem to respond so well to it. A letter is an honest effort (and full of intention) to connect with them.

There is Nothing Wrong With A Prayer To Angels
There is actually an ancient tradition in the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church of offering prayer to guardian angels. In the Coptic Christian church it is believed that the angel Michael brings the prayers of the worthy to God. However, you do not have to be religious to offer prayer to angels as a method of communicating with them. Spirituality is spirituality. Spirituality offers all people the benefit of prayer (to angels, to God or just a prayer offering the Divine gratitude for the good received). Prayer is a quick way to connect or contact angels anytime, anywhere. It is one of the easiest things to do if you are not familiar with formal angel exercises or traditional meditation methods. Prayer is available to all ages, all levels of knowledge and to anyone wishing to enter into the quiet of the mind and express a sincere desire or thanks.

Many ‘angel fans’ (for the lack of a better term) prefer to pray to specific angels. For many there are a specific number of angels who have names and have appeared throughout history. There is nothing wrong with addressing specific, historical angels such as Gabriel or Daniel. Many historical angels have been associated with particular causes. (Click Here to examine some of the named, historical angels.

Many people treat prayer is if it is begging or repenting (sometimes one may even engage in negotiating as if prayer were a method of bargaining). How one prays is an extremely personal event. Your prayers can only reflect who you are. A suggestion might be to remember that prayer should be about sincerity. Recognizing and admitting to one’s faults is wonderful, however, fixing those faults is better. But, angels know when you are sincere in your requests and efforts. One needs not to apologize angels, but to those people one has harmed or offended.

Prayer can be about anything. Prayer does not need to be only in a time of crises or only to give thanks for joyful, miraculous events. Prayer can be as simple as just checking in with the angels around you or to share small, personal moments … or just to ask a question about why certain things are the way they are. A large part of contacting one’s angels and sustaining a connection with them is utilizing prayer whenever one feels like it. It is not about keeping angels close to you (for they are always there and are not limited by time or distance). It is about you being open to feeling their presence. It is about you being willing and having the faith to connect with them.

Simple Angel Meditation
An easy way to meditate (and invite your guardian angel to join you) is to drop any worries about finding the right script, audio tapes, or background music to create a perfect meditative mood. You will travel the furthest distance to discovering a meditative state of mind if you just learn to sit quietly for 5 minutes. Finding the right place to meditate or the best ‘props’ for meditation will all find you once you make the commitment to just sit quietly a few times a week for 5 minutes. Just sit, let the troubles go for 5 minutes, feel the goodness of life around you. Just breath. If your mind is agitated or troubled, let it be. You are only concerned with sitting comfortable for 5 minutes. Then, open the door for your angel or any angels close to join you. Then, just listen.

In time, with practice, you will learn to quiet the mind quickly. You will begin to sit for longer periods. You will get to know the angels around you. You will be free to chat about your day, share you problems, ask for advice, or simply take in the feelings of love, joy, and safety that are often offered to you.

One can get as involved with angels as one would like. I mean no offense when I say that the study of angels can be a wonderful hobby. Some would prefer that I say that angels can become one’s passion, which I think is fine, too. The work of angels may be serious, angelic even, but there is plenty of room for a lightness of being and mirth. Should your path be to study and communicate with angels, you will find plenty of books, DVDs, videos, audio tapes, spiritual exercises, meditation programs, seminars and more. You will also find many others who share your passion for angels, and some who even gifted to provide angel readings.

Remember, meditation is primarily about listening and allowing those angels near you to provide their guidance and love. Pay attention to particular phrases or words that pop into your mind. And, as mentioned, keep an eye on your everyday life for those signs that angels go before you preparing the way. Also, keep in mind that angels do not only work for you. Often people around you and close to you can be influenced by angels on your behalf. Angels can be very sneaky in how they work. I think they enjoy being sneaky, personally.

A Walk In Nature Is An Angel’s Delight
Taking a solitary walk can be one of the most beautiful, profound experiences you have ever had! It might take time to find the right location: A park downtown, a beach path, or a forest trail. Visit a few different spots until you find a natural location that speaks to you. You will know the place, feel it, when you find it. Take a stroll and allow angel thoughts to come to you. Watch for answers in a breath of wind, a butterfly, listen to the quiet and the unique music within that quiet.

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It is said angel’s delight in taking a walk in the natural world because it gives them a chance to commune with you without the influence of others. Feel free to talk with your angels aloud or within your own thoughts. Consider the peace you find, the discovers you make, the inspiration discovered to be gifts from your angels.

Connecting with your angels is all about opening yourself to the opportunity to meet angels on a more personal level. Meditation, prayer, an increased awareness of the divine around you, writing a letter to an angel are all simple methods for working towards the goal of angelic awareness. There is nothing to fear in this, only the opportunity to open yourself to spiritual possibilities. The angels are here. It just a matter of you being available to connect and communicate with them.

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Tips On Contacting Your Angels (2024)


How can I communicate with my angels? ›

I am frequently asked how to communicate with a guardian angel and the answer is simple: all you have to do is ask. Your guardian angel is there all the time, waiting and hoping for you to start to listen to it. It has in fact, been touching you all along, willing you to realize that it is there.

How do you make your angels work for you? ›

  1. Angels are activated by faith.
  2. Angels are activated by the word of God (Psalm. ...
  3. 3.Be careful of the words you speak. ...
  4. Angels are activated by fasting and prayer.
  5. You must believe in the supernatural.
  6. Angels are activated by true worship of God.
  7. Binding the enemy and loosening the angels of God.

How do I know angels are protecting me? ›

If you feel like something or someone is watching over you, it could be an angel; if you experience a sudden burst of courage or strength that you didn't have before, it could be an angel; if you experience a sense of peace or comfort during difficult times, it could be an angel; if your intuition is guiding you in a ...

How do I learn my guardian angel's name? ›

Seek the guidance of your guardian angel daily through prayer, learn how to love him and follow his lead, but don't insist on naming him! Your angel does have a name, but it is mysterious and holy. There is a reason why God chooses not to let individuals know their angel's name.

How many angels are assigned to each person in the Bible? ›

The Lord has not revealed whether one specific angel is assigned to watch over each person, but you can be assured that divine protection and comfort are available. If you exercise faith, you will have God's help, including angels sent to strengthen and comfort you and give you courage to do what is right.

What do angel numbers look like? ›

In numerology, angel numbers are a repetitive sequence of three or four numbers that appear in seemingly random places in your life to convey a spiritual or divine message.

Is there a prayer for a guardian angel? ›

Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here, ever this day (or night) be at my side, to light, to guard, to rule and guide.

What do angels do to humans? ›

They can intervene and intercede on behalf of humans. Angels protect the righteous (Matthew 4:6, Luke 4:11). They dwell in the heavens (Matthew 28:2, John 1:51), act as God's warriors (Matthew 26:53) and worship God (Luke 2:13). In the parable of the Rich man and Lazarus, angels behave as psychopomps.

What are warning signs from angels? ›

Guardian angels may try to get your attention through physical sensations like tingling, a warmth spreading throughout your body, or a light touch on your skin. You might also feel a palpable presence in the room around you. These messages are most common when you're going through something difficult or sad.

How many guardian angels do you have? ›

It may be that there is one angel to every Christian, or a score of them; or one may have charge of a score of Christians. Some of the ancient fathers believed that every city had a guardian angel, while others assigned one to every house and every man.

How do you pray to guardian angels for help? ›

O angel of God, my holy guardian, given to me from heaven, enlighten me this day, and save me from all evil. Instruct me in doing good deeds, and set me on the path of salvation. Amen.

Does God send angels to help us? ›

“Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?”— Hebrews 1:14. Angels are sent by God to protect us and help us inherit His full kingdom.

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